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 Welcome to the Globecorp Networks!

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The serious provider of global IP transit and commercial web hosting. Our primary goals are consistent uptime, fast throughput, and service you can depend on! Globecorp Networks has an fiber-optic connection to diverse Internet backbones to provide you high-redundant and stable Internet connection.  We run only high performance Intel Xeon E3-, E5- and E7-series (available on request) machines, loaded with at least of 16Gb RAM and 10K RPM SAS hard drives or modern SSD. The primary of our business is professional and scalable Dedicated and COLO solutions. Any size projects accepted, including Streaming VIDEO and TUBE -like sites.
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The Features of Globecorp Networks:

  • Extremely High End servers (a Supermicro brand)
  • Full Cisco powered network.
  • 99,9999% Uptime... SLA available.
  • Full range of Deticated/Colocation services including CDN using our own IP transport.
  • Secure VPN service for private operations of our clients.
  • Hosting of any Legal Content.
  • 24/7 live support by ICQ/AIM/MSN/Email/Phone & SkyPe!

The decision to choose Globecorp Networks will be the single best step you can take to insuring an extremely profitable web site.  With Globecorp Networks you will avoid the problems associated with being an adult webmaster such as sluggish connections, server down time, and providers throwing surprise charges at you!  Please keep in mind - we are not a discount hosting service, Globecorp Networks, provides only quality and reliability in its services!