Benefits of Colocation with us

Globecorp Networks combines its global carrier network with colocation to provide mission critical infrastructure for financial markets, wholesale and media organizations. Below are the some of our key features:

  • Private, Dedicated cabinets with code or access card lock
  • Ultra-fast delivery of interconnection services
  • Quick entry to the global markets
  • As a fully-managed service, you save capital expenditures and avoid deployment, monitoring and maintenance complications
  • Managed colocation facility to provide reliable networking, power, and physical security to provide you a cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery solution
  • Multiple high-speed upstream network connections to help prevent downtime and to ensure that your servers and equipment are accessible at all times
  • Facility Overview

    Our colocation solutions ensure your business-critical applications are served with fast connectivity, a high-level of security and top reliability. Our colocation facilities are designed with the protection and security of your assets as our top priority and are equipped to deliver the needs of demanding IT and carrier environments.

    EU Colocation

    EU Colocation

    For the customers who want to place their projects in EU we offer colocation services in TTC Teleport telehouse, in Prague. Below its key features:

    • Total building size (m2) - 16,320
    • Customer space (m2) - 2,225
    • Utility Power Capacity - 2 x 15 MVA from independent substations
    • UPS Power Capacity - 9.0 MW at N
    • UPS Redundancy - N+1
    • Power Density - Up to 3 kW per Cabinet
    • Generator Power Capacity - 14 MVA
    • Cooling Redundancy - N+1
    • Floor Loading - 2,000 kg/m2
    • Security Features - Full perimeter fence, CCTV surveillance, Proximity Access Card + Biometrics, Mantraps, Speed gates
    Ashburn, Virginia

    US Colocation

    For the customers who want to place their projects in United States we offer colocation services in Equinix DC11, a modern datacenter located in Ashburn, Virgina - the most connected place on the East Coast. Below its key features:

    • Total building size (m2) - 20,658
    • Customer space (m2) - 3,978
    • UPS Power Capacity - 10 x 2.5MW at N+2
    • Power Density - Up to 5kW per Cabinet
    • Power Redundancy - N+1
    • Cooling Capacity - 5kW per cabinet (17,065 BTUH)
    • Cooling Redundancy - N+1
    • Floor Loading - 850 kg/m2
    • Security Features - CCTV and Recorders,Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers,Fiber Vaul

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