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We are happy to provide you with quick answers to any questions you may have. All e-mail will be returned within 12-24 hours and is your best contact option. Please note technical support for current customers must be reached with a tech support contact.

Sales Department
email to: us.sales [nosp@m] * if you need virtual dedicated server, if you wish to rent real dedicated server, place your own server for colocation or buy an IP transit for your company.

Peering Department
email to: us.peering [nosp@m] * for peering requests only! Appropriate if you want to establish direct connection to our network or setup private BGP session over public traffic exchange.

Abuse Contact
email to: us.abuse [nosp@m] * if you have found any illegal materials on servers placed in our network or if you are receiving any illegal activity originated from IP which belongs to our network (such as DoS, flood, etc) . Don't forget to include the site URL, IP address and exact description of activity for prompt response.

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* - when sending us an email, please do not forget to replace [nospam] with "@".