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Globecorp Networks understands that you want to make sure you understand exactly what services you are getting before you signup.

We have provided this FAQ section to help you with your Adult Hosting solution.

Q.What sort of equipment and connections do you use?
A. Your site will be served by high end servers.  This means Intel Xeons E3, E5, or E7 CPU, 16GB+ Ram, 10K RPM SAS hard drives or 3rd-gen SSD, and top of the line internal networking equipment (powered by Cisco Systems). Your server will be connected to the dedicated 1Gbps port with full 1000Mbps bandwidth available (yaah!). 10Gbps ports is also available on request.
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Q. Why should I signup with you and pay for bandwidth when I can get unlimited transfer rates from other providers
A. *Smile*  There is no such thing as UNLIMITED bandwidth transfer especially in adult hosting.  A provider that charges cheaper rates and unlimited bandwidth transfer is a provider that will pack you and 99 other clients on the same 1Gbps cable.  Your site will be so sluggish that you can never use a big portion of bandwidth.  With Globecorp Networks you are guaranteed to be on an extremely powerful server with full 1000Mbps bandwidth available for you.  Your web site will not become slower because other customers share this bandwidth - full 1000Mbps will be available for you and only for you. We are a provider with whom You will be able to grow up.

Q. Please explain your pricing mean there is no base fee?
A. We do not have specific packages to purchase and be stuck with regardless of your traffic usage. You pay only by data transferred. Please contact our sales dept to make your own price quote.

Q. What kind of technical support will I get?
A. We offer 24 hour turn around on all technical support issues.  You will be able to get ICQ / email or phone support.  We will make sure your site is running strong the entire time you are with us. 

Q. What kind of system will my account be hosted on?
A. We run the extremely powerful FreeBSD and CentOS. These are most popular and stable UNiX OS today in the web hosting.